About Us

Elvira V. Hopper is now living the biggest & most authentic life of her dreams as an inspirational artist...in addition to jewelry design, she is a professional actor and jazz artist, achieving these lifelong dreams at the ripe young age of 51♡
You see, she lived the first half of her life very inauthentically (like so many of us) taking on two glamourous, lucrative yet soul-sucking healthcare careers to 'people-please' her parents' and society's expectations. She was not living the truth in her heart & soul. 
All that is now history, as she broke away from that six figure imposter existence to embrace a life which feels like she does not work a day in it. Elvira is also blessed to serve her heart-centred ROCKSTAR tribe (amazing people who want to feel as amazing on the inside...and connect with their TRUE PURPOSE⭐) as a life coach. Folks often mention how Love Your Vibe bling has become their 'go to', feel good pieces and that's probably due to another calling of Elvira's, as a level 2 Reiki healer, there's positive energy infused in each piece 🌞
She is thrilled you have visited her store and hopes that these little pieces of her heart & soul...inspired by Spirit... bring you as much joy wearing or gifting them, as they brought her as she co-created them ♡